New Furniture Delivery & Installation

Central Moving understands that delivering and installing new furniture with accuracy and in pristine condition is a priority.

We are committed to protecting property and the spaces in which we move. We work collaboratively with the design team to ensure the accurate placement and installation of all product in the new space.

Our turnkey Delivery and Installation services include:

1. Labeling all of the product prior to delivery and installation, and installing directional placards indicating its location in the new space
2. Ensuring accurate product counts and assessing the condition of the furniture when it’s received
3. Communicating any inventory discrepancies and issues with product condition to the design team
4. Delivering and installing floor and wall protection to the new space
5. Off-loading trailers at the job site and delivering product from our warehouse
6. Stripping the packing material and removing it from the job site
7. Providing carpenters to install the product

Some recent New Furniture Delivery and Installation projects include Time, Inc., Take2Interactive Software, NYU, New York City Health & Hospitals.